"He can always hear when he wants to. He just doesn't concentrate"

Has this ever irritated you?

If you have you ever made or felt like making this sort of remark about a deaf person, it would probably help for you to understand what lies behind it.

It may of course be that deaf people don't always concentrate. It can be very tiring for them particularly, particularly when people aren't speaking clearly and there is background noise. It can of course also be very annoying for friends and family who are either uncertain whether or not the deaf person has heard something or have to keep repeating things. Then, when in a quiet room, someone with a clear voice does say something that the deaf person can hear, it is all too easy to blame him for not hearing on other occasions.

How to tackle the problem

It is difficult for people with normal hearing to understand the problem. So a good way forward is for everyone concerned to read the page on pitch related deafness and various other pages on the same menu. Then to have a frank discussion when feelings are calm about how to proceed.

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