"She says "Speak up" and then, when I do, she says "No need to shout!"

Has this ever irritated you?

If you have you ever made or felt like making this sort of remark about a deaf person, it would probably help for you to understand what lies behind it.

The trouble here is that the deaf person has probably never analysed her own needs in order to communicate them meaningfully.

She probably doesn't mean "Don't shout", but:

"Speak more clearly, slightly more loudly and don't be so aggressive".

If this is not understood by everyone concerned, tempers fray.

How to tackle the problem

The way forward is for the speaker to read the page on speaking clearly and work through the other pages on Being with Deaf People. Then both individuals need to work out how to explain their needs calmly and unemotionally.

The person doing the 'shouting' probably does need to speak more loudly, but the chances are that they will also need many of the other strategies on the page about helping interaction.

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